Wireless charging coming to the US courtesy of BMW

BMW is set to release its wireless charging option for its 530e PHEV. Production of the charging pad begins in July, with rolling release to Germany, the UK, and then the US, followed by Asia. The charging pad will charge the 530e’s battery in 3.5 hours with an efficiency rate of 85%, according to Green Car Congress.

The charging pad, known as BMW Wireless Charging, works through a combination of magnetic field and electric current. The system employs two pads, a Groundpad and a Carpad, the latter of which is affixed to the underside of the 530e. The two pads work in concert to charge the vehicle. In order to have the vehicle appropriately parked over the Groundpad, the BMW Wireless Charging System assists the driver through use of the Control Display and graphical icons. Read more.

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