Volvo to launch S60 next week in Charleston

Volvo has begun to unveil its new models stateside, with the 2019 S60 sedan expected to have its debut on June 20. The model, which is expected to have plug-in hybrid powertrain options in the future, is produced at the automaker’s new South Carolina facility in Charleston. According to Motor Authority, the new S60 will be a “scaled-down version of the S90 sedan.”

Volvo’s unveiling of the new model at its manufacturing facility rather than an auto show is a notable industry shift. Volvo will not participate in the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and other automakers have voiced plans to skip or scale down their participation in various autoshows around the world. However, Volvo’s Bjorn Annwall noted “We are not saying never to car shows… we may return in the future.” Read more.

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