The unique approach Ford is using to get consumers excited about a hybrid pickup

Bloomberg recently published a fascinating feature about how Ford is marketing its hybrid F-150 pickup truck. The story (Ford’s Key to Selling Truck No One Asked For: Keeping Beer Cold) explains that people who buy F-150s don’t much care about fuel economy.

So how do you get them excited about the advantages of a hybrid?

“The marketing will go something like this,” writes Keith Naughton. “The battery in the hybrid F-150 not only feeds the electric motor, it’s a mobile generator that can keep the beer cool at a tailgate party, charge your miter saw and run the coffee maker on a camping trip.

The story notes that Ford is “playing catch up in the race to put electric vehicles and autonomous technology on the road,” and explains that the automaker is spending $4.5 billion to field 13 electric and hybrid models by 2020.

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