Three plug-in hybrids that make financial sense says that car buyers interested in plug-in hybrids now have more affordable choices than ever before. The site highlighted these three plug-in hybrids that make great financial sense compared to gasoline-only alternatives:

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: A $7,500 tax credit reduces the cost to $34,495. Drivers can save more than $1,500 a year in fuel compared to a standard Pacifica.

Toyota Prius Prime: With a $4,500 tax credit, the starting price falls to $22,600 — more than $2,000 below the standard hybrid’s base price of $24,685. With regular charging on any outlet, the plug-in Prius can save drivers thousands more in gas costs in the course of a few years.

Ford Fusion Energi: The 2016 model can be had at nearly the same price as a standard Fusion SE. More savings come with regular charging of a car that gets 19 electric miles and over 80 MPGe.

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