Three Plug-In Hybrids That Make Financial Sense has profiled three plug-in hybrids that make great financial sense when compared to gasoline-only counterparts:

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: This plug-in model starts at $34,495 when you account for the $7,500 tax credit available. The Pacifica Hybrid can travel about 30 miles on a full charge and gets 80 MPGe, saving drivers more than $1,500 per year compared to a standard Pacifica (28 MPG combined).

Toyota Prius Prime: The Prius Prime, available starting at $22,600 (with a $4,500 federal tax credit), makes it more affordable than the standard hybrid. The plug-in model has an electric range of 25 miles and a 133 MPGe fuel economy rating.

Ford Fusion Energi: Ford is offering the Fusion Energi Titanium at nearly the same price as a standard Fusion SE. More savings come with regular charging of a car that gets 19 electric miles and over 80 MPGe.

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