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Volvo to release XC40 plug-in hybrid in early 2020

Volvo will debut a new plug-in hybrid version of its XC40 model in early 2020. The hybrid is based on the updated XC40, a mid-size SUV, that is launching this year in the UK. The non-hybrid XC40 carries a 2L four-cylinder T4 engine, with both front-wheel and all-wheel drive as options. The standard XC40 achieves 37.2mpg in the city and…

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New three-cylinder engine designed for plug-in hybrid cars

Volvo is set to release a first for the company: a three-cylinder engine specifically for PHEVs. The new three-cylinder will debut in Volvo’s XC40 model, a compact SUV with sporty appeal. The powertrain will be released first as a manual transmission, with an automatic to follow the year after. According to the automaker, a “hybridized as well as a pure…

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Volvo to introduce three-cylinder engine in XC40 plug-in hybrid

Volvo will debut a next generation three-cylinder engine in its XC40 models this year. The three-cylinder engine was designed specifically for integration in Volvo’s plug-in hybrids, with an XC40 plug-in model to be released in the near future. Volvo will also release a full electric version of the XC40. The new Volvo models have a broad array of features and…

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