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Volvo: all vehicles electrified starting in 2019

Volvo has announced it will electrify in part each of its new vehicles released from 2019 onward and has created a new marketing campaign to bring this message to the public. The Swedish automaker is centering its new marketing around the slogan, “and it shouldn’t take an act of Congress to make cars sustainable,” referencing its 1973 advertisement “it shouldn’t…

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S60 to offer plug-in hybrid powertrain

Volvo is set to release its new S60 line with both powertrain options as plug-in hybrids. The lack of a diesel option is a marked departure for Volvo, but is on trend with Volvo’s stated goal of releasing only electrified models starting in 2019. According to Left Lane News, “the company remains committed to introduce mild hybrid versions starting next…

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