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Prius durability explained

A new piece from Torque News argues that the reason the Toyota Prius is so popular is its durability. Peter Neilson writes, “The question is, what makes the Toyota Prius such an attractive vehicle? This one word describes it: durability.” The Prius employs a specially forged engine, transmission and traction battery alongside Toyota’s hybrid system, which all contribute to the…

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Plug-in hybrids lead the market

Though electric vehicles have received significantly more press in recent years, plug-in hybrids still lead their full electric competitors when affordability is taken into account, according to a new report from John Goreham at Torque News. As Goreham points out, Tesla’s full electric vehicles have the highest share of the market, but the vehicles are beyond the reach of the…

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Why Subaru’s first hybrid will be a resounding success

As Subaru prepares to introduce its first hybrid in December, Dennis Flierl with Torque News says the 2014 Subaru XV Crossteck Hybrid is sure to be a success. He says the automaker is attracting first-time Subaru buyers at an astounding rate, including millennials who are drawn to the sporty Crosstrek SUV and are attracted to the low starting price of…

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