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Renault to launch three hybrid options in 2020

Renault is set to launch electrified versions of its most popular vehicles. According to a new article in Reuters, the French automaker will debut plug-in versions of the Captur mini-SUV and Megane hatchback alongside a full hybrid Clio in 2020. The company also plans to launch a K-ZE electric vehicle in China next year—the vehicle is meant to be a…

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Nissan will expand HEV and PHEV offerings

Nissan has announced it will augment its line-up to include hybrids and plug-in hybrids in the near future. Currently, Nissan’s main green model is its full-electric Leaf EV, which has been a strong seller in recent years. Nissan is also projecting 35% of its European sales will be of electrified vehicles by 2025, according to an article by CTV News.…

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