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Porsche to launch hybrid Cayenne Coupe this year

Porsche has confirmed it will release a hybrid version of its Cayenne Coupe this year. Currently, the Coupe is available in a base, mid-range, and turbo model. Though details on the hybrid version have yet to be announced, Motor1 argues the Coupe will carry the same powertrain as the Cayenne’s E-Hybrid , and feature 455 hp with 516lb-ft of torque.…

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Porsche, with nod to hybrid and electric, drops diesel

Porsche, the luxury automaker, has announced it will move away from diesel vehicles in favor of growing its electrified lineup of vehicles. In a press release, Porsche’s CEO noted, “Porsche is not demonizing diesel… [but we] have come to the conclusion that we would like our future to be diesel-free.” Diesel sales have fallen throughout Europe in recent years as…

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Porsche’s hybrid uses smart navigation to modify battery use

Porsche’s new Cayenne E-Hybrid uses a smart technology to calibrate battery usage to the route the driver takes. An e-Mobility engineer at Porsche notes, “The system checks your route to determine how much of it would benefit from greater electric-motor involvement… If the destination is in a large city, it will keep more of the battery charge for that.” The…

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