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Bloomberg: Ford Sued Over Use of Company’s Hybrid Vehicle Inventions

Bloomberg reports that Ford Motor Co., the second-biggest U.S. automaker, is accused of developing its hybrid vehicles using technology from Paice, a Baltimore company that won a patent-infringement case against Toyota Motor Corp., maker of the Prius. Paice says that hybrid and plug-in versions of Ford’s C-Max, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ all infringe its patents covering ways to control electric motors…

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Law 360: Recent Case Law And Legislation Have Killed Patents

A column on Law360.com by Wesley Whitmyer, a Connecticut attorney, argues that recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress could have the unintended consequence of killing patents. “The exclusivity afforded patents has been progressively diminished to the point that patents are no longer property. They are ever-more expensive, but offer ever-fewer rights. If the trend continues, there will…

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