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Green Patent Blog: Paice’s licensing success is not a surprise given the power of its patents

Green Patent Blog recently highlighted Paice’s success in licensing its patented hybrid vehicle technology, noting that Paice has been an extremely successful non-practicing entity. It says the company’s success “is not a surprise when one understands the power of its patents” and emphasizes that Paice should not be considered a patent troll. “The company should not be put in that…

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NY Times: The Patent Troll Smokescreen

An opinion piece by Joe Nocera in the NY Times criticizes legislation aimed at patent trolls, claiming that the legislation could have “huge negative consequences for legitimate inventors” and “effectively tilt the playing field even further toward big companies with large lobbying budgets.” He notes that the 2011 America Invents Act allows big companies to largely ignore legitimate patent holders. The article quotes a patent…

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