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Maserati introducing Levante Hybrid to overseas markets

Maserati is introducing a hybrid powertrain to the Levante. A 2 L inline-4 combines with a 48 volt-mild hybrid system to give the vehicle 330 hp of total output. Blue accents in the Levante hybrid’s interior differentiate it from the gasoline version. Read more

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Maserati to launch its first electrified vehicle in Europe

Maserati has joined the ranks of hybrid and electrified automakers with the introduction of a mild-hybrid version of its 2021 Ghibli model. Ronan Glon at Auto Blog writes the Ghibli “features a gasoline-electric powertrain [with] turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It works jointly with a 48-volt belt-driven starter-generator and what the company calls an e-booster that’s essentially an electric supercharger.” The…

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Fiat Chrysler planning a range of electrified models

Fiat Chrysler has announced its electrification plans, starting with its intent to phase out diesel cars by 2021, at least in its EMEA region. The company announced its plans at its Capital Markets Day this past week. Highlights of the electrification plans include additional mild and high voltage hybrids, alongside PHEVs and full electric vehicles. For the U.S. specifically, FCA…

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