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Hybrid vehicles outsell electric vehicles in the U.S. in April 2021

In April 2021, hybrids and electric vehicles accounted for a record 8.4% of all new vehicles registered in the U.S.; hybrids made up 6.1%, while EVs made up 2.4%. For the seventh month in the running, hybrids and EVs have together made up more than 5% of all new vehicles sold. Hybrids continue to be the main driver of the…

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Hybrids, PHEVs offer best cost to emissions avoidance ratio

A new study in Environmental Science & Technology found that of 2015 and 2025-2030 models, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles provided the best cost to carbon emissions avoidance ratio, as compared to battery electric and other vehicles. The study, performed by the US DOE in conjunction with automakers and national laboratories, took a full life-cycle approach to the study, evaluating…

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The advantage of two-motor hybrids

A recent article in Green Car Congress compares hybrids that use one- and two-motor systems,¬†concluding that two-motor systems deliver a more pleasant experience for¬†drivers. “The challenge with a single-motor system is that one motor-generator can either provide torque to the drivetrain or act as a generator to recapture energy on engine overrun or regenerative braking. But it can’t do both…

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