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Around the USA: States buying the most EVs

Around the United States, electrified vehicles are picking up steam. Eric Schaal at Cheat Sheet broke down which states are leading the buying spree. California came in number 1, with 7.5% of all vehicles electrified. Though unsurprising that the state had the highest percentage of EVs, what did surprise was California’s EV of choice: the Chevrolet Bolt EV. In a…

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The unique approach Ford is using to get consumers excited about a hybrid pickup

Bloomberg recently published a fascinating feature about how Ford is marketing its hybrid F-150 pickup truck. The story (Ford’s Key to Selling Truck No One Asked For: Keeping Beer Cold) explains that people who buy F-150s don’t much care about fuel economy. So how do you get them excited about the advantages of a hybrid? “The marketing will go something…

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