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February 2015 Hybrid Car Sales Report

HybridCars.com reports that auto sales increased slightly across the board in February, despite poor weather conditions that continued to plague the Northeast. While the sale of electric vehicles improved over last year, the sale of hybrid and plug-in hybrids were down when compared with February 2014. Consumers purchased 27,038 hybrid vehicles in the US, representing a 6.8% increase over January…

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April 2014 Hybrid Car Sales Report

Hybrid sales dropped 10% in April 2014. A total of 39,430 hybrids were sold in the US in April, a 10% decline from March, according to hybridcars.com. Meanwhile, the popularity of plug-in hybrids continues to grow. While still a small percentage of hybrid/electric car market, the sales of plug-in hybrids is up 45.7% compared to 2013. Read more.

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March 2014 Hybrid Car Sales Report

Hybrid sales jumped sharply in March 2014. A total of 43,790 hybrids were sold in the US in March, a whopping 43.3% increase over February, according to hybridcars.com. Toyota boosted its market share to 61.8%, a 3.3% increase over February. The Prius Liftback remains the best selling hybrid with nearly 25% of the market, followed by the Toyota Camry Hybrid…

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