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Budget Buys: The most affordable hybrid cars

The Toyota Prius C ($19,080) tops the list of most affordable hybrid cars. It is hailed as “not only America‚Äôs cheapest gasoline-electric hybrid, it is also its most fuel efficient boasting 53 mpg in the city.” Other hybrids to make the list included the Honda CR-Z ($19,540), Ford C-Max Hybrid ($24,170), Toyota Prius Liftback ($24,200), Honda Civic Hybrid ($24,735), Kia…

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Toyota Prius C tops list of most affordable hybrids

When it comes to traditional hybrid vehicles, the Toyota Prius C ranks as the most affordable — and most fuel efficient — vehicle on the market. Wall St. Cheat Sheet ranked seven of the most affordable hybrids on the market today. The Prius C was followed by the Honda CR-Z, Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid…

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The Cheapest Hybrid Cars

When it comes to buying a new hybrid car, consumers consider two important factors: fuel efficiency and price. For those buyers who are motivated by price, HybridCars.com ranked five of the most affordable hybrids. The Toyota Prius C ($19,905) was rated the cheapest hybrid, followed by the Honda CR-Z ($20,965), Ford C-Max ($24,995), Honda Civic Hybrid ($25,555) and the Toyota…

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