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Ford’s Transit Custom PHEV pushes for cleaner air in EU

Ford’s Transit Custom PHEV includes a geo-fencing feature wherein while in predetermined zones, the vehicle will switch to electric-only, allowing for reduced carbon emissions. The Transit Custom PHEV has an electric-only range of 35 miles, allowing it to maintain zero emissions while in pre-determined low-carbon zones, like London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone. Vehicle operators can also create additional zones for…

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BMW adds geo-fencing for PHEVs in Europe

BMW has launched a new geo-fencing feature for its plug-in hybrid vehicles in two areas in the UK. In special zones in London and Birmingham, BMW PHEVs running the automaker’s latest update will now automatically shift into electric-only mode. By shifting into electric-only, the vehicles will reduce their carbon footprint. Car Magazine has the story. Read more.

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