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Understanding Hybrids: HybridsCars.com Explains Different Types of Hybrid Vehicles

If you’ve thought about buying a hybrid car but want to learn more about the different types of hybrids on the market, you’re in luck. HybridCars.com recently published an article that provides a good explanation of the three main types of hybrids: the full hybrid, mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Full Hybrid: The Toyota Prius is a classic example of…

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Anderman report sees strongest growth for full-hybrid systems

A new industry insider report predicts a bright future for full hybrid systems. The 170-page report — “Assessing the Future of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: The 2014 xEV Industry Insider Report” by Dr. Menahem Anderman of Advanced Automotive Batteries — indicates that full hybrid systems are entering a strong growth phase. The report predicts a rapid expansion of strong-hybrid vehicles, led…

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