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Ford F-150 hybrid to emulate Explorer hybrid

The 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is expected to feature much of the same system as the Explorer Hybrid, according to a new report from The Fast Lane Truck, citing sources at Ford. The pick-up is expected to share the Explorer’s ”10-speed modular hybrid transmission… [and] 90% of its parts with the non-hybrid 10-speed.” A Ford source also noted the F-150…

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Mustang, F-150, Escape, and Explorer to offer hybrid powertrains

Ford Motor Company has announced an exciting new hybrid lineup, with hybrid versions of its Mustang, F-150, Escape, and Explorer models, in addition to six new battery electric vehicles by 2020. Jim Farley, Ford’s President of Global Markets, made the ambitious claim that Ford’s hybrid sales will surpass the market leader, Toyota, by 2021. To make its hybrid plans possible,…

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