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Volvo’s Polestar launches new PHEV factory

Polestar, Volvo’s luxury electric performance brand, has announced its Chengdu production facility has begun producing the brand’s Polestar 1 vehicle, a plug-in hybrid. The facility itself is billed as “one of the most environmentally responsible car factories in China” and will seek LEED Gold status. According to Bengt Halvorsen at Green Car Reports, Polestar will deliver 200 Polestar 1 vehicles…

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Renault to launch three hybrid options in 2020

Renault is set to launch electrified versions of its most popular vehicles. According to a new article in Reuters, the French automaker will debut plug-in versions of the Captur mini-SUV and Megane hatchback alongside a full hybrid Clio in 2020. The company also plans to launch a K-ZE electric vehicle in China next year—the vehicle is meant to be a…

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Bloomberg: How China’s Dirty Cities Are Reshaping Car Design Across World

Bloomberg reports that China’s air pollution crisis is leading to new fuel efficiency standards that are influencing automakers in Beijing and around the world. “In response to government rules and incentives that have spurred electric-car sales in China,” Bloomberg reports, “automakers are beefing up their global electric-vehicle and plug-in offerings.” “Decisions made in Beijing already are affecting cars people drive…

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