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BMW i3 Range Extender is top of the class

In its yearly roundup of best hybrid cars for consumers, Auto Express ranked the BMW i3 Range Extender as the number one choice for 2018. The BMW i3 is available as a either a hybrid or full electric. With the hybrid version, the consumer gets almost double the range, topping out at around 186 miles. Other hybrids that made the…

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Five Alternatives to the Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has become synonymous with the hybrid vehicle in America, but reporter Collin Woodard offers up five alternatives that hybrid car buyers may want to consider: Lexus CT200h ($42,200, 42 mpg): Features include a luxurious interior and sporty driving dynamics. Ford C-Max ($24,170, 40 mpg): Features include a more powerful engine, sportier handling, and a significantly more spacious cabin Honda Accord…

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