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Bentley to launch its first plug-in later this year

Bentley, the ultra-luxury automaker, will launch its first plug-in hybrid this year. The Bentayga hybrid will feature a V6 motor in combination with an electric motor “for V-8 like performance but with 6-cylinder economy,” according to Motor Authority. The automaker is set to launch plug-in hybrid versions of more of its existing line-up in the next few years, but a…

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Bentley to add plug-in hybrid version of all models by 2025

According to a new report from Bengt Halvorson at Green Car Reports, Bentley will add a plug-in hybrid version of each vehicle in its lineup by 2025. Halvorson notes, “Bentley is looking to expand its buyer base rather than sell more cars to existing buyers,” and the additional plug-in hybrids are a main part of this strategy. Werner Tietz, a…

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