Six things to know about new hybrid cars shares six things you should know about how hybrid cars have changed over the years.

(1) Dedicated hybrids no longer have to look weird.

(2) Hybrid cars are way better to drive than they used to be.

(3) In particular, they’re a lot quieter inside.

(4) Real-world gas mileage still varies with driving style, speed, and temperature.

(5) Plug-in versions of standard hybrids are getting a lot more common.

(6) Gas is cheap, so you can get good deals on hybrids these days.

To sum up, hybrid cars are a lot more pleasant than they used to be, and require fewer sacrifices in comfort, driving quality, and general enjoyment.

They still return gas mileage that’s higher than any vehicle without electrification, and your neighbors won’t raise their eyebrows at the shape of the new car in your driveway.

Finally, you’ll likely get a better deal on a better car than you would have just two years ago.

What’s not to like?

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