Room for two: PHEVs and full electrics can coexist

For those consumers interested in an electrified vehicle, the question has become whether to go full electric or to purchase a plug-in hybrid. In a new piece for Green Car Reports, John Briggs answers the question: there’s room for consumers to have both. For short rides, such as commutes to work or errands around the block, both a plug-in hybrid and a full electric vehicle work well. For medium length trips, such as a round trip from Baltimore, MD, to Washington, DC, either vehicle type still can work, depending on the specific models purchased. For longer trips, such as a 300 mile trip, most full electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, would be unable to complete the trip on a single charge. Thus, the plug-in option would be a better bet.

Briggs concludes his piece with an apt summation: “From day to day, I can enjoy all the benefits of two electric vehicles and two home chargers. But if I need to take a long trip, I can enjoy the 600-mile range of the Prius Prime and the vast network of gasoline stations that make 5-minute fill-ups possible. And that… is a pragmatic solution that this environmentalist is willing to accept.” Read more.

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