Review: Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid has released its review of the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, dubbing it a “rare winner of its kind.” The vehicle carries an EPA rating of 44/40/42 mpg, made possible by a 103hp, 1.5L engine in combination with two electric motors. The total system power for the Clarity PHEV is 212hp.

Honda has given the vehicle a number of modes, including sport and hybrid, though Joe Wiesenfelder at notes there is some acceleration and braking “awkwardness” with the Clarity. In the end, Wiesenfelder recommends the Clarity PHEV, saying, “for someone who wants to get his or her feet wet without risk, a well-executed plug-in hybrid like the Clarity Plug-In does the job with practically no trade-offs.” Read the full review here.

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