Range Rover’s 400e PHEV looks – and feels – like its gas counterpart

Range Rover’s new 400e PHEV is out for review. The model employs an 85 kWh electric motor generating 31 miles of all-electric range, and a total of 398 horsepower. The Range Rover 400e maintains the automaker’s traditional styling, but accelerates faster than its gasoline counterpart. As Reese Counts notes for Auto Blog, “Visually, the only things that give away the PHEV from its siblings are the 400e badge on the back and the panel in the grille that hides the charging port. That’s it.”

Range Rover has given the 400e PHEV other enviable features as well: high quality sound isolation, all-electric four-wheel drive, and impressive wading capabilities. Auto Blog took the PHEV for a test ride. Read more.

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