Plug-in hybrid Ford F-250 to debut in March

A hybrid version of the Ford F-250 pick-up truck will make its debut at the NTEA Work Truck Show this March. XL, formerly XL Hybrids, will show the plug-in F-250 that employs its electrification platform. The company had previously released a plug-in hybrid F-150 and a standard hybrid F-250. The company caters to municipal and utility fleets, according to a report from Green Car Congress, and the F-250 plug-in model employs regenerative braking.

The reports notes, “Because the XL plug-in hybrid electric system works in parallel with the factory gas-powered engine, fleets will not need to be concerned over vehicle range, performance or infrastructure requirements, and XL’s Ford eQVM certification ensures that all standard OEM warranties on the vehicle will remain intact.” Read more.

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