October 2014 Hybrid Car Sales Report

Sales of conventional hybrid vehicles remain down for the year, but those figures are offset by increases in the sale of plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles according to statistics released by hybridcars.com.

U.S. sales figures for October 2014 show that consumers bought 30,892 hybrids, 3,735 plug-in hybrids and 5,818 battery-electric vehicles. Hybrid sales are don 8.4% compared to last year, while plug-in hybrids (up 22.5%) and battery-electric vehicles (up 27.7%) have seen impressive growth. Total auto sales are up 5% over last year.

The market continues to be dominated by a familiar trio of cars: the Toyota Prius (hybrid), the Chevy Volt (plug-in hybrid) and the Nissan Leaf (battery electric). It accounted for more than 70% of all hybrid sales in August.

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