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Porsche to launch hybrid Cayenne Coupe this year

Porsche has confirmed it will release a hybrid version of its Cayenne Coupe this year. Currently, the Coupe is available in a base, mid-range, and turbo model. Though details on the hybrid version have yet to be announced, Motor1 argues the Coupe will carry the same powertrain as the Cayenne’s E-Hybrid , and feature 455 hp with 516lb-ft of torque. Read more.

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Audi to release plug-in hybrid versions of all models

According to a new report from Motor Authority, Audi will release plug-in hybrid versions of each of its “core” models. The first vehicle to get the plug-in treatment will be the Q5 55 TFSI e. The vehicle will feature a 2L turbocharged engine in combination with an electric motor and 7-speed automatic transmission, achieving a total system horsepower of 367 hp. All-wheel drive is standard on the model. The launch date for the Q5 55 TFSI e in the United States has yet to be announced, but the vehicle will debut in Europe later this year. Read more.

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Best Hybrid, PHEV, EV deals for May 2019

Green Car Reports has published its monthly round-up of best deals on hybrid and electrified vehicles. For the month of May, the best deal on a hybrid vehicle is from Ford. The automaker is offering its Fusion Hybrid for $209/month to lease for thirty-six months with a little over $3000 due at signing.

For the plug-in hybrid market, the Kira Niro is the best deal for the month. Kia is offering the Niro PHEV for $249/month with $2,999 due at signing for a thirty-six month lease. Toyota has also priced its Prius Prime PHEV attractively for May. The automaker will offer the vehicle for $309/mth with $1,999 due at signing for a three-year lease.

In California and Oregon, the best-priced full-electric vehicle is the Honda Clarity Electric, on offer to lease for $199/month for thirty-six months with $1,799 due at signing. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is also priced well for the month.

For the full list of top deals, read more.

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Ford to launch hybrid Bronco in 2020

As it expands its hybrid lineup, Ford will launch a hybrid version of its Bronco SUV in 2020. Joel Stocksdale at Auto Blog posits that the electrified version of the Bronco will utilize the same hybrid unit that is in the Aviator hybrid, and Ford will likely launch a hybrid Ranger in the near future as well. The news of the Bronco hybrid comes soon after the automaker announced it is launching hybrid versions of its Explorer and Escape vehicles. Read more.

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April 2019 Plug-In Hybrid Sales Report

In April, 21,255 plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles were sold. The top-selling plug-in hybrid for the month was the Toyota Prius Prime, selling 1,399 vehicles. Taking second was the Honda Clarity PHEV which sold 981 units for the month.

Of full electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 continued to lead the category, at 10,050 units for the month. The Tesla Model X and Model S also sold well, with a little under 1900 units sold combined. The Chevrolet Bolt EV and Nissan Leaf each sold over 900 vehicles in the month.

Read Inside EVs’ full plug-in sales scorecard here.

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Bentley to add plug-in hybrid version of all models by 2025

According to a new report from Bengt Halvorson at Green Car Reports, Bentley will add a plug-in hybrid version of each vehicle in its lineup by 2025. Halvorson notes, “Bentley is looking to expand its buyer base rather than sell more cars to existing buyers,” and the additional plug-in hybrids are a main part of this strategy.

Werner Tietz, a board member at Bentley, discussed the automaker’s reticence in moving forward with only full electric vehicles, saying, “it is by no means certain that battery-electric is the way to go.” Read more.

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Porsche plans hybrid Boxster and Cayman

Porsche has announced it will produce hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of its Boxster and Cayman sports cars. The announcement comes as Porsche moves forward with development of its full electric sports cars, set to launch in 2022. The hybrid versions will launch in the coming years, and will feature a 48-volt battery. Interestingly, the non-plug-in hybrid version will not be able to run only on the battery. Clean Technica has the story. Read more.

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Review: Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Cars.com has released its review of the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, dubbing it a “rare winner of its kind.” The vehicle carries an EPA rating of 44/40/42 mpg, made possible by a 103hp, 1.5L engine in combination with two electric motors. The total system power for the Clarity PHEV is 212hp.

Honda has given the vehicle a number of modes, including sport and hybrid, though Joe Wiesenfelder at Cars.com notes there is some acceleration and braking “awkwardness” with the Clarity. In the end, Wiesenfelder recommends the Clarity PHEV, saying, “for someone who wants to get his or her feet wet without risk, a well-executed plug-in hybrid like the Clarity Plug-In does the job with practically no trade-offs.” Read the full review here.

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BMW to offer plug-in hybrid 4-Series

Car Scoops has reported that BMW will offer a plug-in hybrid version of its BMW 4-Series when the series launches in 2020. The vehicles are expected to “resemble the new 3-Series very closely,” but the 4-Series will also have a soft-top convertible option. Details on the plug-in hybrid model are scarce, but are expected in the coming months. Read more.

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Honda to expand hybrid manufacturing in Ohio

Honda will temporarily stop a shift at its plant in Marysville, Ohio, in order to reconfigure the facility for expanded hybrid and full electric car production. The new lines will be ready by August, and in the next few months, Honda will not be laying off affected workers. Instead, the company will find them alternate duties for the interim, according to a report by Clifford Atiyeh at Car and Driver.

The changes are part of Honda’s plans to expand its offering of hybrid and electrified vehicles to meet demand, which it expects to be two-thirds of its global sales by 2030. The automaker is expected to announce hybrid versions of additional vehicles already in its lineup. Read more.

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