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Ford licenses hybrid vehicle patents from Paice, Abell Foundation


Ford licenses hybrid vehicle patents from Paice, Abell Foundation
Four out of every five hybrid-electric vehicles in the world now have a Paice license

Paice, a pioneer in hybrid electric vehicle technology, has reached an agreement to license all of its hybrid vehicle technology to Ford Motor Company. Ford ranks second in U.S. hybrid car sales, having invested billions of dollars in its electrified vehicle offerings.

Paice has now licensed its hybrid vehicle technology portfolio to the most significant hybrid automakers in the world – Toyota, Ford, Hyundai/Kia and others – who collectively account for more than 80% of all hybrid vehicle sales in the United States.

“We’re pleased that Ford has joined the ranks of the world’s other leading hybrid car companies in recognizing the value in Paice’s technology. We will continue to pursue licensing agreements with other major automakers to ensure that every automaker has a chance to access this ground-breaking technology,” said Frances Keenan, chairman of the Paice Board of Directors.

The resolution with Ford brings an end to years of litigation in a multitude of forums, including federal district and appellate court, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As part of the resolution, Paice and the Abell Foundation, a Baltimore-based non-profit organization that invested in Paice, will drop its request to ban Ford from importing certain hybrid vehicles, and Ford will drop its challenges to Paice’s patents. The ITC was set to issue its initial determination on Paice’s requested ban in March 2018.

Terms of the licensing agreement are confidential.

The importance of Paice’s hybrid vehicle technology has been well documented over the years. Paice testified before the U.S. Congress on hybrid electric vehicle issues and an independent analysis determined that Paice owns the most dominant hybrid vehicle patent in the world. Federal juries twice concluded that Paice’s patented technology is embodied in modern-day hybrids.

About Paice (www.paicehybrid.com)
Dr. Alex Severinsky, a Russian immigrant, founded Paice in 1992 with the support of the University of Maryland. Paice made its mark in the hybrid industry by discovering new ways to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions without sacrificing driving performance. Paice presented its hybrid breakthroughs alongside Toyota and Ford at industry conferences and before the U.S. Senate. To date, Paice has been awarded 30 U.S. and foreign patents, including four of the world’s most influential hybrid patents according to an independent study.

About the Abell Foundation (www.abell.org)
The Abell Foundation, a Baltimore-based charitable organization dedicated to fighting urban poverty and promoting social objectives by investing in progressive local start-ups, is a co-owner of the Paice patents and a co-complainant in the ITC filing. Since 1999, Abell has helped support Paice’s efforts to develop and promote its hybrid technology.

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Luxury automakers look to hybrids for future sales

Luxury automakers are quickly moving towards hybrids as the next attractive option for their clientele. Lexus, Mercedes, and Porsche are only a few of the luxury makers increasing their hybrid offerings. BMW currently offers hybrid versions of three of its sedans. Cadillac’s PHEV, the CT6, brings additional options to the luxury market. Jason Kavanagh at Edmonds has the story. Read more.

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Ferrari takes its hybrid prototype for a test run

Ferrari plans to launch a hybrid powertrain in 2019, with Motor Authority reporting the powertrain will first appear in Ferrari’s SUV or the next version of the 488 GTB. Motor Authority reports a possible vehicle housing the new powertrain was out testing this past week at Ferrari’s Fioarno facility. The hybrid powertrain combines an electric drive system with a V-8, according to Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari’s Chairman. Motor Authority has the story. Read more.

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VW’s Atlas Cross Sport SUV debuts with PHEV option

The New York Auto Show brought another surprise this week with Volkswagen announcing it will offer its Atlas Cross Sport SUV with a plug-in hybrid option. The Atlas Cross Sport is a midsize, five-seat SUV with 355 horsepower provided by dual motors and an 18 kWh lithium-ion battery.

A mild hybrid powertrain is also a potential option for the Atlas Cross Sport. Volkswagen revealed, “Using the same V6 engine and [dual] electric motors, but with a smaller 2.0 kWh battery, the mild hybrid version would produce 310 horsepower and give 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 6.5 seconds.” Read more.

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Plug-in hybrid Lincoln Aviator announced in New York

Lincoln Motor Company announced its newest vehicle this week at the New York Auto Show. The new Lincoln Aviator offers a plug-in hybrid powertrain and will be available for purchase next year. The plug-in hybrid powertrain is offered in combination with a twin-turbocharged engine.

Features of the new Aviator PHEV include keyless unlocking—a phone substitutes as a key—in addition to easy location of the parked car in a parking lot and Lincoln Co-Pilot360. Read more.

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Lexus UX200 and UX250h Hybrid SUVs debut this week

Lexus is set to debut two new hybrid models at the New York Auto Show. The UX 200 and UX250h, both small crossover utility vehicles, offer a variety of new features with the goal “to lure first-time buyers into the luxury brand” according to Green Car Reports. The UX250h is the hybrid of the two, and comes fully equipped with Toyota’s latest two-motor parallel hybrid system. The UX 250h is rated at 38mpg combined, with the UX200 non-hybrid rated at 33 mpg combined.

The UX250h offers an additional electric motor on the rear axle to increase and maintain traction, to “boost peace of mind among anxious drivers in bad weather.” The models will be available for lease and sale later on this year. Read more.

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2019 Insight hybrid model to debut in New York

Honda’s latest hybrid will be on full display at the New York Auto Show this week. The 2019 Insight is Honda’s fifth new hybrid model introduced in the last year. The Insight features Honda’s third generation hybrid system, capable of 151 horsepower and 197lb-ft of torque. According to the automaker, the hybrid’s three models allow “drivers to customize their experience by maximizing efficiency or driving performances.”

The 2019 hybrid Insight includes a variety of new safety technology, and will be manufactured in Indiana and Ohio. Read more.

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New three-cylinder engine designed for plug-in hybrid cars

Volvo is set to release a first for the company: a three-cylinder engine specifically for PHEVs. The new three-cylinder will debut in Volvo’s XC40 model, a compact SUV with sporty appeal. The powertrain will be released first as a manual transmission, with an automatic to follow the year after. According to the automaker, a “hybridized as well as a pure electric powertrain option…will be added later” for the XC40. Inside EVs has the details. Read more.

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2019 A6 to be introduced with mild hybrid standard

Audi debuted its 2019 A6 at the Geneva auto show last month, and now the company is bringing the model stateside. The 2019 Audi A6 will come with mild hybrid as the standard option, bringing 340 horsepower. Though this is one of the first Audi hybrids to make it to market, it will not be the last. The automaker is set to release hybrid versions of the A6 e-tron PHEV, S6, and RS 6 models, according to Motor Authority.

Audi has included numerous upgrades in the 2019 A6, including: a roomier inside with additional shoulder and head room, additional connectivity options for smartphones, and two touchscreens in place of previous systems. Read more.

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Flexible fuel hybrid vehicle prototype unveiled in Brazil

Toyota debuted a next-gen fuel-flexible model in Brazil recently. The model is at its core a Prius, but with a new powertrain system that is capable of handling both gasoline and alternative fuels like ethanol, a product mass-produced in Brazil. Toyota developed the model as a new option for the rapidly green-ing country.

The hybrid flexible-fuel vehicle (Hybrid FFV) is very much a development-stage car. According to Green Car Congress, Toyota “wil collected various data through real-world road testing in Brazil… and [will] evaluate the Hybrid FFV system’s reliability, durability, and powertrain” before commercialization. Read more.

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