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Automotive News: BMW sued for patent infringement over hybrid engine technology

Automotive News reports that BMW has been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Paice LLC and The Abell Foundation in the U.S. District Court in Maryland. The lawsuit alleges that BMW has infringed on their patents involving hybrid engines.

The story notes that Paice was involved in similar litigation with several automakers, including Ford, Toyota, Hyundai and Kia. Those automakers subsequently paid Paice to license its technology.

“Beginning in the early 2000s, Paice taught BMW how its patented technology could maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions without sacrificing driving performance, the suit alleges. The company held in-person meetings and shared technical materials with BMW’s senior management and BMW engineers,” the story reports.

“BMW readily expressed interest in Paice’s technology because BMW was still pushing its diesel technology and was years behind other leading automakers that were actively pursuing hybrids,” the 31-page complaint states. BMW eventually dismissed Paice after learning what it could about Paice’s technology, the filing noted.

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2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid’s fuel economy rated at 24 MPG

The Ford F-150 Hybrid posted a fuel economy rating of 24mpg combined, making it one of the most fuel-efficient pickup trucks on the market. The F-150 Hybrid’s 24MPG bests the Ram 1500’s 21mpg, the Chevy Silverado’s 20mpg, and the GMC Sierra’s 19mpg. The diesel F-150 still boasts the best fuel economy with a rating of 25mpg combined.Read more

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The 2022 Hyundai Tuscon SUV

Earlier this week, Hyundai revealed the 2022 Tuscon, highlighting updates to the SUV’s powertrain and the interior. The hybrid and plug-in hybrid models of the Tuscon will now have all-wheel-drive capabilities. The Tuscon’s interior features a large 10.25-inch all-touchscreen panel, and a floating digital gauge system, amongst other new additions. Read more

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EV registrations surpass diesel registrations in Europe

This past September marked the first time in Europe that the total number of registered electric vehicles surpassed that of diesel vehicles, a significant milestone pointing to the growth and adoption of electric vehicles. Green Car Congress reports that the “demand for gasoline and diesel cars show double-digit drops compared to September 2019 while the volume of electrified vehicles increased by 139% to 327,800 units—a record in terms of both volume and market share.” “Read more

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Honda moving to only plug-in hybrids in Europe by 2022

Honda initially planned to phase out diesel cars and move to a fully electrified vehicle fleet by 2025; the carmaker is fast-forwarding that timeline by three years as emissions standards continue to tighten in Europe. The company shut down its remaining plant in the UK earlier this year and will now import cars for the European market from Asia. Read more

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Mitsubishi to start selling Eclipse Cross in 2021

Mitsubishi will begin selling the Eclipse Cross plug-in hybrid in 2021, albeit not in the U.S. The Eclipse Cross PHEV will be available in specified markets in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Mitsubishi has yet to release specifications for the Eclipse Cross PHEV, but it mentioned that the vehicle borrows the Outlander PHEV’s drive system.Read more

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Ford releases video showing testing of F-150 hybrid

Earlier this month, Ford released a video detailing the grueling testing its new F-150 hybrid underwent. In addition to running the vehicle through the same tests as the gas-powered F-150, Ford developed a new battery test — a custom-built hydraulic rig that violently shakes the battery — for the F-150 hybrid.Read more

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