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Porsche doubles electrification spending

Porsche is doubling down on its shift to greener models. The company has announced it will invest more than $7.45 billion USD on its electrification strategy. A significant portion of the investment will go toward the all-electric Porsche Mission E, expected to have a range of 311 miles in Europe.

Porsche’s investment push was strongly influenced by the its hybrid sales growth in Europe. Auto Guide reports that last year “approximately 60 percent of all [Porsche] vehicles delivered in Europe were hybrid variants.” Read more.

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Hybrids, PHEVs offer best cost to emissions avoidance ratio

A new study in Environmental Science & Technology found that of 2015 and 2025-2030 models, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles provided the best cost to carbon emissions avoidance ratio, as compared to battery electric and other vehicles. The study, performed by the US DOE in conjunction with automakers and national laboratories, took a full life-cycle approach to the study, evaluating the models from manufacturing to fuel distribution. Read more.

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Hyundai Releases 2018 Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai’s new 2018 Sonata Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid are rife with new features. The redesigned model, introduced at the Chicago Auto Show, will be available by March, with plug-in options becoming available in the following months.

Hyundai estimates the hybrid’s mpg to be in the 39-45 range, while the plug-in has a total estimated range of 590 miles. A particularly innovative feature: the Blue Link Connected Car System, which links to smart devices, including Apple watches. Read more.

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Kia Optima Hybrid Priced to Sell

The Kia Optima hybrid leads Green Car Reports monthly round-up of the best deals on hybrids and fuel efficient cars for February 2018. The Optima Hybrid currently comes with $5,000 in factory cashback, along with other strong financing incentives.

Among PHEVs, the Chevy Bolt EV is an attractive leasing option, while the Kia Soul EV and 2018 Nissan Leaf are at the low-end of the electric vehicle pricing scale. Read the full report here.

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Mazda ponders PHEVs and EVs

Mazda North America’s CEO, Masahiro Moro, “hinted that the Japanese automaker will produce a plug-in hybrid or EV by 2020” according to Brad Berman at Plugin Cars.

Mazda had previously conducted studies in 2012 and 2013 on prototype hyrid and pure electric vehicles. Mazda has long considered adding a mass-market PHEV or EV, but Moro’s recent hinting is the most concrete move in that direction. Read More.

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January 2018 Hybrid Car Sales Report

Hybridcars.com reports that January 2018 saw increased sales from the same month last year. However, as can be expected, total sales were down off of December.

There were 22,017 hybrids sold domestically in January. Toyota again is a category leader, with three of the five top-selling hybrid models.

There were 6,085 battery electric vehicles sold in January. The Tesla Model 3 saw an 81% bump from December to January, and sold 1,900 Model 3s. Hybrid Cars notes the Tesla sales figures are below the company’s expectations, with its annual production plans set to produce 2,500 Model 3s per week by end of Q1.

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Toyota beats own expectations, sells 1.52 million electrified vehicles

In 2015, Toyota announced its Environmental Challenge 2050, and set a goal of selling 1.5 million electrified vehicles a year by 2020. The hybrid leader managed to do it last year, beating its own expectations by three years.

A market leader since 1997, Toyota now aims to further expand its hybrid and electrified reach through growing markets in China and India. The company also plans to launch an electrified version of each of its models by 2025. Read the full story here.

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Hybrids lead the alternative-trend in Europe

As the EU works toward a greener continent, hybrids are proving the model of choice for consumers: 2017 saw the highest number of hybrids purchased to date in Europe. Total demand for hybrids increased 52% in 2017, reaching almost half a million cars sold in the region, according to data from Bloomberg. Though hybrids hold only a small portion of the total market in Europe, 2017’s growth is promising for automakers like Toyota and Daimler who are tailoring hybrid strategies specifically to their European clientele.

Of countries with data available, Norway purchased the most hybrids in 2017, with Germany a close second. Read more here.

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Kia Niro wins Green SUV of the Year

Green Car Journal has selected the Kia Niro as its Green SUV of the Year for 2018. The crossover SUV has been a customer favorite since its launch. Its appeal comes from a combination of its sleek design and, according to Ron Cogan of Green Car Journal, “its hybrid powertrain and affordable price point.”

The Niro won the award ahead of contenders from Volvo, Mazda, and others. Read Kia’s full press release here.

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