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Ford adds testing sites for PHEV transit vans in Europe

Ford has announced it will add a third site for its research of plug-in hybrid electric vans. The site is set to be Cologne, Germany, and the trial will run for twelve months. Ford’s plug-in hybrid electric vans will function within public sector municipal fleets in Cologne. The other two sites in Ford’s trial are London and Valencia.

The automaker designed the fuel-efficient plug-in vans to achieve greater than 31 miles of “zero-emission” range, with the vehicles total range up to 310 miles. The vehicles achieve full charge in about three hours, according to Green Car Congress. Read more.

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Honda Insight Hybrid named Green Car of the Year

The Honda Insight Hybrid has won the Green Car of the Year award at the Los Angeles Auto Show, with commendations for its “style and nice driving characteristics.” The honor, awarded by the Green Car Journal, is “considered a major award among automakers,” according to Chris Woodyard at USA Today.

Two other electrified cars took home awards: the Jaguar I-Pace for Green Luxury Car and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for Green SUV. Read more.

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2020 Range Rover Evoque to offer a mild hybrid powertrain

Land Rover has revealed its new 2020 Range Rover Evoque–and the two hybrid powertrains it is offering for the model. The first, a 48V mild-hybrid system helps reduce CO2 emissions to 149g/km. The second, a plug-in option to debut one year after the mild-hybrid, will offer significant improvement to CO2 emissions performance as well. Land Rover has announced the mild hybrid will carry a 42mpg rating. Green Car Congress has the story. Read more.

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Toyota’s 2019 RAV4 upgraded to 39mpg

Toyota has upgraded its RAV4 Hybrid for the 2019 model year. The vehicle carries a combined 39mpg, with a 41mpg rating for city driving. The RAV4 hybrid also offers 219hp, which is more horsepower than on offer in the non-hybrid RAV4.

Eric Schaal at Autos Cheat Sheet took the vehicle for a ride, noting, “the RAV4 Hybrid was no slouch on the trail.” Toyota has priced the vehicle at $27,700 for the base model. Read more.

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Toyota ethanol hybrid vehicle in development

Toyota has announced it will introduce for sale an ethanol hybrid in Brazil within three years. The vehicle will utilize Brazil’s high blend ethanol, and will employ a modified system to use that fuel. Though Toyota has not announced the model type for the flex fuel vehicle, the automaker will likely put the engine/electric motor system into a current model. According to Hybrid Cars, “the system significantly lowers CO2 emissions… [and] the sugarcane-based ethanol made in Brazil helps further improve the emissions reduction.” Read more.

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Best Hybrid, PHEV, EV deals for November 2018

Green Car Reports has published its monthly round-up of best deals on hybrid and electrified vehicles. For full hybrids, the Ford Fusion continues to be the most attractively priced. The vehicle is on offer for $179/mth for thirty-six months with a little over $3000 due at signing.

For plug-in hybrids, the Honda Clarity and Chevy Volt are both competitively priced, with the scales tipping depending on where the consumer is based. In California and Oregon, the Volt can be had for $169/mth with money due at signing. Interestingly, Costco members get a further discount on the Volt in these two states. For drivers outside of California, the Clarity PHEV is on offer for $209/mth for 36 months with $2299 due at signing.

The Nissan Leaf continues to be the best deal for an all-electric car. The vehicle is priced at $219/mth with $2929 due at signing. For the full list of top deals, read more.

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BMW to add plug-in X3 in 2019

BMW will launch an X3 Plug-In Hybrid in 2019, according to a statement by the automaker’s CEO, Harald Kruger. The company will follow the X3 PHEV launch in 2019 with the launch of a plug-in X5 in 2020. For the former, BMW will likely employ the same powertrain as in the 330e iPerformance Vehicle—a 2L engine in combination with an electric motor. The powertrain is expected to achieve around 275hp, according to Inside EVs.

The X5 plug-in, however, will likely utilize a larger engine in combination with an electric motor. More details on both models are expected in the coming months. Read more.

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Lexus to utilize hybrids in high performance range

Lexus plans to leverage its hybrid technology to add “more power” to its high performance models. The automaker’s Executive Vice President Chika Kako highlighted “the sportiness and dynamics that the hybrid technology can offer” to the high performance models. The high performance vehicles that will be upgraded with a hybrid system have not yet been announced. Marc Carter at The Torque Report has the story. Read more.

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An all-wheel drive Prius for the holidays?

With the release of a new set of marketing materials for the Prius in advance of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota is perhaps hinting at an all-wheel drive version. Bengt Halvorson at Green Car Reports, writes, “with a Prius churning through the snow, it’s hard to come to another conclusion. The automaker says in a greeting-card-like teaser: ‘Fall is here, winter’s near, but the 2019 Prius performs on roads whether snowy or clear.’”

Toyota already has a version of an AWD-like Prius in Japan that employs three motors, which adds additional traction and stability. The automaker is set to reveal a “refreshed” Prius at the LA auto show in the next few weeks. Read more.

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Outlander PHEV launches

Mitsubishi has launched its new Outlander plug-in hybrid, a crossover SUV. The plug-in comes fully equipped with a 2L four-cylinder engine and dual 60kW electric motors. The motors are located at the front and rear axles, which “instantly [supply] torque and makes the standard all-wheel-drive system more responsive,” according to Cory Haywood at EurWeb, and give the system a total output of 197hp. The vehicle powers to 22 miles of electric-only range. Read more.

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