Green Car Congress offers a primer on “electric” vs. “electrified”

When Volvo’s announced that it would electrify every vehicle in its lineup by 2019, many media misinterpreted the German automaker’s plans. John Voelcker, a senior editor at Green Car Congress, wants to set the record straight.

Two days after the Volvo announcement, Coelcker wrote an aptly-titled column: Hey, media, get it straight: “electrified” is NOT “electric,” and the difference matters. He explains that “electric” cars are vehicles that plug into the electric grid to recharge batteries that provide the energy to run them, while “electrified” cars simply have an electric motor somewhere in the drivetrain.

As he notes, the difference is huge… “which is why you need to understand the difference between the two words when a car company makes a big announcement about future products and you hear what you think is the word ‘electric’ somewhere in the press release.”

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