Gear Patrol: Five hybrids for everyday use

The Gear Patrol website recently profiled five hybrids for everyday use. The cars — which deliver “both style and a serious salute to the environment” — include:

Toyota Avalon Hybrid: “A hybrid for the family that doesn’t tranquilize you, and it finally looks damn good.”

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: “A competitively priced family hybrid sedan that doesn’t look like a bar of soap on wheels.”

Lexus ES 300H: “A luxury hybrid that doesn’t look completely like a hybrid, even in light blue.”

Ford C-Max: “The Ford C-Max has more oomph and is more fun to drive than the staple of all hybrids, the Prius.”

Chevrolet Volt: “It’s a functional EV — you’ll never have to rent a car for a roadtrip again.”

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