Ford to relaunch Escape Hybrid in 2020—this time, as a plug-in

In the aughts, Ford sold a hybrid version of its Escape alongside its standard ICE, but the automaker discontinued the hybrid seven model years ago. But, as Green Car Reports covered recently, Ford will launch both a standard hybrid and a plug-in hybrid version of the SUV in 2020. The vehicles will employ dual-motors in a torque-split hybrid system.

The biggest difference in offerings between the hybrid and the plug-in hybrid version of the Escape are the former’s option of all-wheel drive in addition to front-wheel drive, which both models offer.

The vehicles offer a combination of Apple and Android compatibility, with additional integration of Amazon products as well. The standard hybrid version of the Escape will launch in late 2019, with the plug-in version to debut the following spring. Read more.

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