Best Hybrid, PHEV, EV deals for October 2018

Green Car Reports has published its monthly round-up of best deals on hybrid and electrified vehicles. Ford is offering the 2018 Fusion Hybrid with six-year 0% financing plus $3000 cashback for eligible buyers. With this deal, the Fusion Hybrid is the best deal of the month for full hybrid vehicles. Ford is also offering similar attractive financing for the 2019 Fusion Hybrid.

GM’s Chevrolet Volt is the best-priced plug-in hybrid for October. The vehicle is on offer for $234/month for thirty-six months with no cash down in specific states. Outside of the set of states where the Volt has the lead in pricing, Honda is offering its Clarity Hybrid with an attractive leasing contract.

The Nissan Leaf continues to be the best deal for an all-electric car. The vehicle can be leased for $219/mth with a little under three thousand due at signing. Read more.

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