Best Hybrid, PHEV, EV deals for June 2018

Green Car Reports has published its monthly round-up of the best deals on electrified vehicles for the month of June. For full hybrids, the Ford Fusion and Toyota Avalon offer the best deals. The EPA rated 43/42/42 mpg Fusion is on offer in California with free six-year financing and a $3000 cash incentive. Also in California, the Avalon comes with an additional $5000 rebate.

The Chevrolet Volt remains the best priced plug-in to lease. For leasers in California and Oregon, the payments amount to $229/month for thirty-six months. For those customers who already lease a GM vehicle, the Volt can be leased with an additional $500 deduction.

The Kia Soul EV rates with the best pricing for a full electric vehicle this month. According to Green Car Reports, the model is on offer in CA with $1999 due at signing and an additional $199/month for thirty-six months. Read more.

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