Best Hybrid, PHEV, EV deals for February 2019

Green Car Reports has published its monthly round-up of best deals on hybrid and electrified vehicles. For non-plug-in hybrids, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is the best deal of the month to lease at $179/month with a little over three thousand due at signing, though the model is available for slightly under the leasing standard of 12,000 miles of use per year.

The Honda Clarity PHEV is the most attractively priced plug-in for February. For states that follow California’s emissions standards, but are not California, the vehicle is available for leasing at $209 a month for thirty-six months with about $2300 due at signing. In California, the vehicle can be leased for $99 more per month.

Hyundai’s Ioniq electric car is the best deal of the month for full-electric vehicles—$239 a month with $2500 due at signing. As Green Car Reports points out, the deals get even better in California.

For the full list of top deals, read more.

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