Griffith Hack Report

An independent analysis of hybrid vehicle patents ranked Paice inventions as the most significant in the industry. Paice owns four of the Top 10 hybrid patents in the world — more than Toyota and Ford combined.

Griffith Hack, an Australian firm specializing in intellectual property, conducted an independent analysis of 58,000 hybrid vehicle patents in 2009-2010 and identified the 10 most important hybrid patents in the world. Paice patents ranked as most important, with four of the top 10 patents and three of the top four spots. No other company had more than one patent ranked in the top 10.

From the report:

Network Patent Analysis is the sophisticated analysis and mapping of patent citation data for the purposes of determining the leading patents, patent applicants and technology trends in any area of technology.

Analysing 58,000 hybrid car patents and their inter-relationships, we found that the top ranked patents were filed by the hybrid drivetrain developer Paice Corporation, ahead of patents filed by Toyota, Ford and Honda who are better known for selling hybrid vehicles.

The leading Paice hybrid car patents were shown to have strong self-citation relationships with other Paice patents. This contrasts with the top ten hybrid car patents filed by Ford, which were connected via citations to a variety of companies including Paice, Toyota, and Railpower Technologies, who have developed hybrid technologies for trains.

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Top 10 Hybrid Vehicle Patents

  • 1. Paice (6,209,672) Issued 1998

    Hybrid car with two electric motors, one connected to engine and one connected to car wheels

  • 2. Paice (5,343,970) Issued 1992

    Improved hybrid electric vehicle where both engine and electric motor power the car, and energy is captured via regenerative braking

  • 3. Equos Research (5,806,617) Issued 1995

    Control system for combining electric and motor power in transmission

  • 4. Paice (6,338,391) Issued 1999

    Electric motor coupled to turbocharged motor, and control system

  • 5. Hybricon (4,351,405) Issued 1978

    Engine driving one set of wheels, and electric motor partially powered by regenerative braking driving the other set of wheels

  • 6. Toyota (5,428,274) Issued 1991

    Control system for electric motor powered by internal combustion motor or battery

  • 7. Paice (6,554,088) Issued 2001

    Hybrid only runs engine when high torque needed

  • 8. Ford (5,264,764) Issued 1992

    Controller for requesting an engine driven generator to top up the vehicle battery

  • 9. Hitachi (6,470,983) Issued 1999

    Controls battery level on hybrid drive according to navigation plans of drive

  • 10. Honda (6,943,460) Issued 2002

    Control system for a hybrid car including cylinder deactivation