2019 Insight Hybrid Arrives This Summer

Honda’s 2019 Insight Hybrid is set to arrive at dealerships early this summer, and is likely to make an impact, according to Carlos Lago at Edmunds. The upgraded hybrid model sticks out for its somewhat uniquely un-hybrid-like appearance, including a “sharp-looking exterior.” The upgraded hybrid will be sold with three trim levels, two of which coast to mpg of 55/49/52. The third trim option does not sacrifice too much mileage for additional features with a strong 48mpg combined.

Honda’s Insight Hybrid includes a 1.5L engine combined with an electric motor, producing a combined 151hp and 197lb-fit of torque. The 1.1kWh hybrid battery pack is located under the back seats. The Insight also include significant features such as an eight-inch touchscreen in the center console and a trunk with fifteen cubic feet of storage. Certain trim levels also offer Honda’s LaneWatch system, “which puts cameras on the sideview mirrors and displays their view on the entertainment screen when you activate the turn signal.”

Honda has priced the model at between $23,725 and $28,985. Read more.

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