2018 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid offers improved range, EPA rating

Acura has released its 2018 MDX Sport Hybrid for test drives, and Motor Trend has reviewed the model positively. The MDX Sport Hybrid combines three motors with a 1.3 kWH battery pack, pushing the system output of the vehicle to 321hp and 289lb-ft. The vehicle also operates with four modes of driving and all wheel drive standard.

The MDX Sport Hybrid’s 2018 EPA rating is 26mpg city / 27mpg highway, with a total driving range of 526 miles. Michael Cantu at Motor Trend qualifies the EPA rating by noting the 27mpg highway is only a slight improvement on the non-hybrid MDX’s 26mpg. However, the hybrid’s overall driving range is notably further and its acceleration, as measured by a 0-60mph test, is faster than the non-hybrid.

Acura has priced the MDX Sport Hybrid competitively, starting at $53,095 and topping out at $59,145. Read more.

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